Fun Blackjack Games at Online Casinos


There are several different types of online casino software that are in use. These software providers are used by the majority of online casinos on the web. Most of these casino websites will allow you to download their software for free. Many of these same websites will allow you to play some of these casino games from their site using your web browser. You may be required to sign up for an account, but some of the instant play web games may not require a player’s account.

Here are some of the blackjack games that are offered at that are using the following software providers:

RTG (Real Time Gaming)

If you want to try playing a few blackjack games for fun, I would suggest that you try an online casino such as Bovada. One of the reasons that I like Bovada is because you can play these games for fun without having to sign up for an account. Simply click on the Instant Play button and you will be able to play the RTG blackjack games for fun.

There are four basic blackjack games that you can play in the instant play mode: 21 Blackjack (Vegas Strip), European Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack (Vegas Downtown), and Single Deck Blackjack.

If you choose to download their software, you will have to register an account to log in and play the games. However, there are additional blackjack games that can be played that aren’t available in the Instant Play section. This includes the following: Face Up 21 (Double Exposure), Blackjack Perfect Pairs (Side Bet), Super 21 (Super Fun 21), Match Play 21 (Spanish Blackjack), and Pontoon.

WGT (Wager Gaming Technology)

WGT software offers four different versions of blackjack – European, Vegas, Progressive and the new Perfect Pair variant. Let’s talk about the Vegas version, which you guessed it, is blackjack according to the rules of Vegas Strip casinos. The General game rules are as follows: Six standard 52-card decks are used (minus the jokers) to play every hand. In other words, the cards are reshuffled back into the shoe after every spent hand.

As in all games of blackjack, a hand busts and loses when it goes over 21 (an unlimited amount of cards are allowed to be drawn), while the hand closer to twenty-one wins. Face cards count as ten, Aces count as 1 or 11, and numbered cards are worth their numeric value. Blackjack hands (21) always stand and payout 3 to 2 odds.

Checking – also called peeking – is allowed by the dealer, which is important to note. If the dealer has a ten value card or an Ace showing for their up-card, they are allowed to check their hole card to see if it makes a Blackjack. If the dealer does in fact have a Blackjack, all bets are lost and the player does not get to act on their hand.

If the dealer is not holding a Blackjack, play continues as usual – beat the blackjack dealer with these tips. Insurance is allowed, which is only offered when the dealer’s up-card is an Ace. If the player takes Insurance, they will be paid 2 to 1 on their wager and insurance, which is half the amount of the initial bet, if the dealer happens to be holding a blackjack. Insurance will not apply to a hand that has been split after initially taking insurance.

Splitting hands at Vegas Strip Blackjack on the WGT online casino platform is allowed on all pairs. A split hand is allowed to be re-split up to two more additional times, except on Aces. Split hands that hit a value of twenty-one do not count as blackjack. Doubling down is allowed on the first two dealt cards and split Aces. One additional card is dealt to a hand that has been doubled down.

The betting interface is very simple and self-explanatory. All online casinos powered by WGT employ the same betting interface. For Vegas Strip Blackjack, bets are made by clicking on the denomination chip you would like to place and then left-clicking in the betting circle on the table. Each click will place a chip of that denomination. At this point a Deal and Clear button will light up, allowing you to either be dealt your cards or clear your bet from the table.