Learning blackjack betting is an extremely important task if you want to become a serious blackjack player. There is much more to blackjack betting than sticking your chips out on the table. There are lots of different blackjack betting systems and strategies you might be interested in using. We recommend to understand blackjack betting you start by learning about blackjack betting systems.


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Black Jack Time Line

Derived from old French card games like “Chemin de Fer” and “French Ferme,” the game of blackjack made its first appearance in French casinos around 1700. In France, blackjack is called “Vingt-et-Un,” which means “Twenty-and-A...

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If you know how to play and are looking for the best casinos, here are a few of our favorites for playing online blackjack for money.

Some of the blackjack strategy related content that you’ll find on our website includes:

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